We’re hoping you’ll share some laughs with us here on April Fool’s Day. This year all the jokes come courtesy of JK Rowling’s young wizard and his friends.


Q: Why doesn’t Voldemort wear glasses?
A: Nobody nose.

Q: On a scale from one to ten, how obsessed with Harry Potter are you?

A: About 9 3/4


I say, I say. Voldemort’s got no nose.

  • Voldemort’s got no nose? How does he smell?



Q: What do Harry’s potion pot and Harry’s best friend have in common?
A: They’re both cauldron.

Q: Where did Dumbledore hide his army?

A: Up his sleeve-y


Arthur Weasley’s been sacked by the Ministry of Magic. He’s going through a bad spell at the moment. 


Q: Why was Draco Malfoy put in detention? 

A: He cursed in class.


Did you hear about the beautiful witch who used the Avada Kedavra curse? She was drop-dead gorgeous. 


Q:What does Harry Potter use to get rid of a rash? 

A: A tube of Quit-itch. 


Knock, Knock

  • Who’s There?

You Know

  • You Know Who?

That’s right – it’s Lord Voldemort.


What did Hagrid say when he named his pet iguana?
You’re a lizard, Harry.

Q: Why doesn’t Harry’s godfather tell him any jokes?

A: Because he’s Sirius.


Mad Eye Moody was a really bad teacher – he couldn’t control his pupils.


Q: What would you call Harry Potter with a beard? 

A: Hairy Potter.


Snape: Voldemort’s still alive!

Dumbledore: Are you serious?

Snape: No, I’m Severus.


Q: How do Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle get into Hogwarts?
A: They slither in.

Q: How did the mythical beast get into Hogwarts?

A: Through the Griffin door.


Q: How did the headmaster get into Hogwarts?

A: Through the Dumble door.


What! You don’t think these Harry Potter jokes are funny? There must be something Ron with you.


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