Do you want to know a secret?

The winners of Jesmond Library’s Creative Writing Competition have been announced. The theme was ‘Do you want to know a secret?’ And wow, that really set people’s imaginations going! There were so many worthy entries, showcasing some very talented writers, and our judges had a difficult job choosing the winning stories.

Our thanks go to everyone who entered – thank you for supporting Jesmond Library. 

Thank you to all who helped with prizes, but particularly to Newcastle Preparatory School for donating book tokens for the winners of the junior categories.

And thank you to Michael Chaplin for once again presenting the prizes at the online prize-giving event. 

The winners are…

Under 10s

Winners of the Under 10s

1st Prize:

Halle Olive C. for ‘Get off your phone’

2nd Prize:

Florence for ‘The Secret Keeper’

3rd Prize:

Poppy H. for ‘Do you want to know a secret’

Honourable Mention:

Jinan C. for ‘Do you want to know a secret?’

Over 10s

Winners of the Over 10s

1st Prize:

Benji L. ‘The mystery of J.K. Ivory’

2nd Prize:

Lola S. for ‘Do you want to know a secret.’

3rd Prize:

Hannah R. for ‘The werewolf’s secret’

Honourable Mentions:

Anna F. for ‘Your casket of fortune!’

Arun M. for ‘For worm’s sake’

Jinfan C. for ‘The secret of 2020’


The Adult Winners

1st Prize:

Belinda Brady for ‘The woman who walks into the forest’

Tied 2nd Prize: 

Alison Reece for ‘Do you want to know a secret?’

Jenny Smith for ‘Blossom and Button Badges’

Honourable Mentions:

Yvonne Clarke for ‘Rising from the ashes’

Denise Bayes for ‘Clandestine’

This year’s competition:

Full details for the next creative writing competition have yet to be announced. However we can tell you that the theme will be ‘The head that wears the crown’.