There are two WEA Classes which meet in Jesmond Library.

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Literature in Context started in September 2019 (Fridays, 1.30-3.30) and runs for 11 weeks each term. September’s session focused on how authors begin their novels, plays and poems.

In January 2020 we started a new topic – ‘The Northern Voice’ – prose and poetry ranging from Bede  to The Mersey Poets , taking in Elizabeth Gaskell, Jack Common and others along the way.

There are 15 in the class (maximum set to enable good WEA style learning) and there is always a waiting list.

The excellent tutor’s reputation goes before her.

A few of the Library’s books on Art

Art Appreciation. This will start after half term on Monday 24th February ( and will run until Easter.

The topic is the place of women in art – as practitioners as well as how they are depicted.

Who were the female artists in history? Why do we know so little about them? The new course Art Herstory will answer these and many more questions. 

Enrol: 0300 303 3464 or online – see

Available in the Local History section

There are general leaflets about the WEA North East in the Information Section in the library.