The Spanish Conversation group meets every Thursday at 6.00pm (18 horas) except for perhaps one Thursday near Christmas.
The coordinator usually prepares an agenda which is circulated a few days before each meeting. This consists of a variety of quick questions requiring interpretation into the other language, a lecture lasting 10 minutes by a different member of the group chosen in advance and often a debate or play-acting a delicate situation (e.g. Leaving your suitcase on the train).
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Everyone is encouraged to speak on every issue but if you notify the coordinator you will be left to sit and listen.

The level is at least that of someone who has visited a Spanish-speaking country a time or two and may have been involved in renting a car or a house, etc.
We touch grammar and reading from Spanish texts but these are not frequent activities.
Our meetings last 1.5 hours and cost £3.00 per meeting.
We seem to manage to laugh a lot.
Pues, VENGAS!!!
Further details from the coordinator Crispin Welby (contact via the Events Secretary on or speak to any of the group (usually we have around 12 members, but can be up to 22)
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