We hope your writing fingers are twitching, because we are excited to announce an entirely virtual, lockdown creative writing challenge.

Every week we will be posting a new topic or writing prompt on our website and social media, and accepting entries from all ages via email and free of charge.

When lockdown finishes we will turn some of the standout entries into a book, which will be held in the library collection.

We hope this will bring a little joy, distraction, humour, and creative therapy to everyone in this uncertain time.

Lockdown Limerick

Our first challenge for the week beginning Monday 25th May is the ‘lockdown limerick’. Give us your silliest, zaniest, wittiest five-line take on life in lockdown. And remember, this is supposed to be fun! We truly cannot wait to read what you come up with and, with your permission, will be sharing a few on social media to keep us all chuckling.

Multiple entries are allowed – in fact, encouraged.

Please email all entries to events@jesmondlibrary.org with the subject ‘Creative Writing Challenge’.