Have you seen our windows? We’re rather proud of them. They are one of the most striking aspects of the circular/ribbed design of Jesmond Library – the shelves set at right angles to the glass panels allow daylight to illuminate the books. And books are of course why the library was built in 1963.

The design by architects Faulkner Brown was award winning, and is reflected in the building being given Grade II listed status in 1998.

But 58 years is a long time in a building’s life: seals fail, rain penetrates, rust spreads. This week sees the start of the third phase of our window replacement process, this time in the children’s area. 

The bespoke windows have been approved by English Heritage as in keeping with the original design, whilst advances in technology mean they will retain heat in winter and keep us cooler in the warmer months.

We are grateful to all who have donated to the cost of the work, and to the grants we have received which enable us to continue to look after this important community asset. If you would like to join them, donations can be made at the library or by visiting our Justgiving page.

Next time you’re in Jesmond, take time to check out our windows. And while you’re there check out our books too. We’re sure you’ll like what you see.