New deadline – Saturday 10 April 2021

Several of you have requested an extension to this year’s competition deadline, and we are happy to grant it!

The new deadline for this year’s Jesmond Library Creative Writing Competition is Saturday April 10, 2021.

The theme is ‘Do you want to know a secret’. We can’t wait to read your entries this year!

Last year’s winners

The entries for last year’s contest – short stories along the theme of ‘The Midnight Hour’ – were extremely strong, and the judges were blown away by the quality and talent of our entrants.

Please join us once again in congratulating the winners of the 2019 Jesmond Library Creative Writing Contest!

Adult Category: 

1st Place: Alex Heppell – The Whole Story

Tie for 2nd Place: 

Belinda Brady – The Midnight Hour

Penny Blackburn – Love Magic

Honourable Mention: 

Jane Carnaffan – Hawthorne Lodge

Under 10s Category:

1st Place: Eleanor F. – Creak

2nd Place: Benji L. – The Codebreakers

3rd Place: Florence W. – Escaping from Midnight’s Hour

Honourable Mention: 

Nancy C. – The Midnight Hour

Jinan C. – The Midnight of Secrets

Phoebe T. – The Midnight Hour

10-12 Year Old Category:

1st Place: Daniel J. – The Midnight Hour

2nd Place: Bobbie D. – The Midnight Hour

3rd Place: Betty F. – The Midnight Cats

Honourable Mention:

Stella C. – The Midnight Hour

Anna H. – The Midnight Hour

Hannah R. – The Midnight Hour

Arun M. – Chess World

Jinfan C. – The Midnight Hour

13-18 Year Old Category:

1st Place: Bede D. – The Midnight Hour

2nd Place: James G. – The Door 

Well done to everyone who entered, and thank you, from all of us at the Jesmond Library, for taking part in our vibrant writing community and helping to support the library.