At a time when international journeys are severely limited there are still ways we can scratch that travel itch.

Television offers some fabulous travel documentaries. Many virtual tours are available online.

We have some great travel guides available to borrow from the library. Just let us know your destination of choice and we’ll see what we can do to help. Use our Click and Collect service to indulge in your travel fantasy.

And then there is philately – ie stamps. A stamp collection can provide an insight into countries around the world – their history, culture, flora and fauna. 

My father had an incredible collection of stamps from Pacific islands with evocative names such as Tuvalu and Kiribati. They featured stamps with brightly coloured birds such as the Red Footed Booby and the Noddy bird and rainbow hued flowers. I was fascinated by the images and loved to browse through them.

As a child did you have a Stamp Album? Or have you perhaps inherited a collection? Now is a good time to take it out and indulge yourself in a metaphorical voyage.

But if you decide that, beautiful and interesting as your stamps may be, you no longer wish to keep the collection, one of our volunteers has an offer which may interest you. Just contact us for more information.