The Library has been open for a few weeks now, and it has been a delight to welcome folk back into the building again. 

Whilst many people continue to make good use of the Click & Collect Service, others prefer to browse the shelves to choose their own books. 

However a few of the titles being requested are missing from the shelves – they are still out on loan and have not yet been returned to the library.

Do you have any of our books which you have finished reading?

To help us continue to offer the best lending service we can, may we ask you please to return these books to the library? Other people may be waiting to borrow them too.

Don’t worry – there are currently no charges being levied for late returns. 

Books can be returned when the Library is open – currently 2-4pm each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Alternatively you can return them even when we are closed – simply pop them through our letterbox at the back door.

Please – bring them home. Let everyone share the love of a good book.