An informal group for those wanting to improve their conversational English meets at the Library each Thursday morning. The session is hosted by Joan Parker, one of the Library volunteers. We asked Joan to tell us more about herself and the group.

My degree was in English language and literature and I’ve kept an interest in language ever since. I love the subtlety and flexibility of English. I’m not TEFL trained and the group is not a class as such, though we have occasionally discussed points of grammar and expression where participants have wanted it.

The conversation group has so far had members from Egypt, Japan and Italy. I would not want a group larger than 5 at a time; last year’s was four and that worked well. 

I’m usually prepared with some newspaper headlines or places of interest to discuss, but normally group members choose the topics themselves. It’s their interest group after all. 

Recent subjects have included the British Royal family’s troubles, Van Gogh, and the Tutankhamun exhibition in London. We’ve talked about favourite places and interests. It all depends on who is in the group.

The cost is £2 per person to help keep our library open. If you think this group may be of interest to you, or if you want to find out more, please come and have a chat with Joan at the Library on Thursday morning.