There are dangerous animals lurking in the children’s reading and play area at Jesmond Library. Lions and tigers, hippos and elephants, zebra and giraffes.

One of the greatest changes in libraries is the freedom children now have to laugh and talk and enjoy themselves. Do you remember the days when Librarians were required to quell any noise with a fearsome glare, with finger to lips? It’s not so now. (As long as there is no shouting – because then we would have to ‘shush’ you!)

We have many children coming into the library to spend time with books and playing with the toys provided. And whilst we hope the babble of children’s voices doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of the library by other users, we are delighted to be the place where children and families want to hang out.

This Tuesday 20th August, children are very much welcome to attend our second summer craft session. Children under 10 must be accompanied.

This time the focus is on Wild Beasts. 10.30-12, donations please.