It is 70 years since the BBC starting broadcasting its regular nightly story telling programme.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Listening to bedtime stories as children is probably the way most of us began our love of literature. That develops into wanting to read stories – maybe you too read comics by torchlight under the bedcovers! As we grow older we buy books for ourselves or borrow them from libraries.

But there are those for whom books have passed them by, or have become less important over the years.

World Book Night 23rd April exists to do something about that. Run by the Reading Agency it aims to reintroduce books to folks who for various reasons don’t read regularly – including those in prison, care homes and homeless shelters.

If you too enjoy listening to stories, don’t forget we have a fine selection of audiobooks suitable for adults (as well as some for children!) at Jesmond Library. They are perfect for long car journeys or for keeping you company during the day, to help you fall asleep at night or maybe filling the long lonely hours of sleeplessness.

Check out an audiobook!

This week, as World Book Night events happen across the country, we invite you to rediscover the pleasure of the spoken word.

Call in and see what we have on offer.