Have you wondered what goes on at the weekly German Conversation Group and whether it would suit you? Wonder no more!

We are a group of people who enjoy getting together each week to speak German, based on a defined discussion topic.

Although a basic understanding of spoken German is expected, members have a range of experience, from those who studied German at school (like the long-time member who has added the comments below) to those who have lived and worked in Germany or another German-speaking country.

I learned German at school in the ’60s. During those years my spoken German was improved by a couple of exchange visits to Gelsenkirchen, Newcastle’s twin city. Sadly since leaving school I’ve had little opportunity to speak the language, and my confidence to do so evaporated. 

“When I saw an advert for a German conversation class in the Library in early 2017 I was tempted, but it was a few months before I found the courage to join. I’m so glad I did. It’s an excellent way to brush up one’s language skills and learn from the life experiences of others in a supportive and informal setting”.

We meet for an hour every Thursday at 11.30am in the Catherine Cookson room in Jesmond Library and contribute £2 per person for the use of the room.

Machen sie mit!

While you’re in the Library, have a look on the shelves. We’re sure you will find some books to interest and inspire you, from German-English dictionaries to travel books, from German literature to history.