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To ensure the long-term sustainability of the library, we are asking regular subscribers for donations of at least £20 per family per year (or £2 per month), preferably by Standing Order through your bank. This will give us the confidence to plan for a long-term future, knowing that we can rely on the continuing support of our Friends. Once again, if you are eligible, please also complete a Gift Aid declaration and return it to the library. If you would like to make one or both of these pledges please fill out the forms available below, or from the library, or email to ask for further information.

FOJL Standing Order Form

FOJL Gift Aid Declaration

The Standing Order form should be signed and submitted to your own bank; the Gift Aid form should be handed in at the library (or posted through the letter box in the back lane). Even if you are not submitting a Gift Aid form, please let us know that you have set up a Standing Order – we like to know who are friends are!