So what is the question?

As every Douglas Adams fan knows, 42 is the answer to the ultimate question: life, the universe and everything!

Here at Jesmond Library, the question is not philosophical but entirely practical. 42 x £1000 is how much we need to complete the final phase of the window replacement project.

“A house without books is like a room without windows.” *

We have the books, but the original 50 year old windows were in a sorry state with many cracked, some of the frames corroded, and all were single glazed. 

With the help of several charitable trusts and the generosity of our members and local residents we have so far replaced 15 of the 21 sets with new double glazed units. These are more energy efficient making the room more comfortable for our users, improving our environmental performance, and reducing bills which means more funds can be available for community services.

The last chapter

We’re nearly at the end of this long project. Just six remain to be done. We need your help!

Could you contribute to the completion of our new windows? Please donate online at 

Or pop into the library with your spare cash, credit card or cheque book. 

Help to bring this story to a happy conclusion!

*The quote is by 19th century American educational reformer, Horace Mann