‘If you remember the ’60s, you weren’t really there’

You may have heard this somewhat wry comment.

If your memories of the swinging sixties are a little hazy, you can refresh them by checking out some of the fascinating books we have on the period.

The Beatles

However, the upcoming talk by writer Ian Inglis, ‘The Beatles in Newcastle’ (Thursday 21st November, 6-7pm), has sparked some sixties recollections amongst our library volunteers and supporters.

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The Man who sold his Beatles ticket

For someone brought up in Wallasey in the 1960’s – for those not aware the town from which the Mersey Ferry plies to and fro to Liverpool – it would be a cast iron bet that I had seen The Beatles many times. No, is the answer. Unlike my cousin I could not visit the Cavern at lunchtime as I was still at school. But I could buy tickets for concerts from the local record shop in the town.

The local hot venue was the Tower Ballroom in New Brighton. The building with its metal tower overlooked the Mersey and from 1900 until 1920 was a competitor to Blackpool Tower as it was the tallest building in Britain when it was completed. Brian Epstein had booked the Ballroom which had a capacity of 5000 for a 5 1/2 hour show on the 12th October 1962. This show featured many of his acts including The Beatles and was headed up by the legendary rock and roller Little Richard. I bought my ticket for 5 shillings (just 25p!) but at the last minute chickened out about going as I would have had to go on my own – no girlfriend yet. So I sold it back to the shop and regretted it forever.”

Paul T

Curiosity over fandom

I did go to see The Beatles in 1965 in London, when I was a student there – out of curiosity rather than as a fan. It was impossible to hear anything because of the wall-to-wall screaming! They (justifiably) looked fairly fed up.”

Noel A

If you only see one pop concert, make it this one!

The only live pop concert I have ever been to was The Beatles in Belfast in the 60s, can’t remember the year!

My memories are of all the teenagers up on their chairs screaming their heads off and the boys all ripping their ties off- imagine😂😂😂

Don’t think it has left me traumatised!”

Joan H

Jostled on the streets

On 10th July 1964, before the local premiere of their first film ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, The Beatles attended a civic reception at Liverpool Town Hall. At the age of 8, along with my parents and sister, I was one of many thousands who lined the streets as the famous four were driven past in their limousine. I remember them waving whilst the crowd responded with noisy enthusiasm, with everyone screaming and pushing forward for a better view.”

Steve L

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