Enjoy April Fool’s Day with Jesmond Library!

Why shouldn’t you look inside CS Lewis’ wardrobe?
Because it’s Narnia business!

Why wouldn’t the novel let any other book share its bookcase? Because it was shelf-ish.

How can you tell when two books are in love? They’re both on the same page.

Which author drinks his tea in the timber shed? PG Wodehouse

Did you hear about the librarian who slipped over? He was in the non-friction section. 

What has a spine but no bones? A book.

What type of photograph can you take in a library?  A shelfie.

Why didn’t the thief steal the dictionary?
He didn’t want a long sentence!

Where do books hide when they’re scared? Under the covers.

Why did the book go to hospital? To have its appendix removed.

Do you have any books about pantomimes? They’re behind you! Oh yes they are!

I’m reading a book about space and anti-gravity. It’s out of this world and I can’t put it down.

Stay in Charlotte Brontë’s parsonage home – it’s listed on Eyre B’n’B

Sean Connery’s no good at DIY – he built a bookcase but a book slid off and hit him on the head.  He’s only got his-shelf to blame. 

First published in two newspapers: it was the Bicester Times, it was the Worcester Times

Do you know what Tolstoy said when he finished writing ‘War and Peace’? It’s a long story.